Monday, May 11, 2015

Graduation Party Projects...



Getting ready for a grad party is a great motivation to get some projects done that I have wanted to do for a long time, and one of them is to reduce the number of flower beds that I have to maintain.  We have so many flowerbeds that some of them do not look beautiful but simply mock me with their constant weeds.  So they are going away.  I love how this extension of our front walkway turned out! Big shout out to my husband for making my vision a reality, thank you honey!

Happy 16th Birthday to our wonderful son G!!

16?!  Seriously??!?!

I do not know where the time goes, but it certainly keeps right on going.  Son G is finally the long awaited age of 16.  We did exactly what he wanted to do on his birthday, which was to eat Subway sandwiches at a park, followed by seeing the Avengers 2 movie in the theater.  God gave us glorious weather for G's special day!

My husband and the boys invented a game they called "running the gauntlet" in which one of them had to dribble a soccer ball down the line through four people swinging, without getting hit.  They had some hilarious fun with it!

Happy birthday to our serious thinking, fun loving, joke cracking, music making oldest son!  We love you so much, and are so proud of the young man you have become.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy 18th Birthday Daughter G!!

The day of prom was also daughter G's 18th birthday!  What a way to spend your birthday, right?!

Happy birthday to our sweet first born, the one who first made me "mom", who has brought us joy unspeakable since day one, and who continues to delight with her sweet personality, her fierce love and loyalty, and her deep faith.  We love you as many as the stars, and we will always love you no matter what!

Prom 2015

 Yes, homeschoolers go to prom!

There are several homeschool proms in our area, but the one we go to allows all four grades of high school to attend.  It was daughter G's senior prom, but all four of our high schoolers went with a large group of friends from our co-op.  It was very fun!

Here is daughter G with her prom date.

Some of their friends....

More of their friends.....

Daugher G with one of her besties.

Daugher H with one of *her* besties.

Our four beautiful and handsome high schoolers!

After a delicious sit down dinner, they danced the night away (well, until 11:00 pm!) and had a blast. :)