Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Grill!

About 6 years ago I gave my husband a picture of a new grill for his birthday.  It's what we do when we can't quite afford the real thing.  I always intended to somehow save the money and buy him one for real, but as time went on it just didn't seem to be in the budget.  So a couple years ago I began buying Lowe's gift cards in whatever denomination I could afford at the time, and saving them.  We finally had enough to cover the cost of the grill he wanted, so off he went to the store.  Oh happy day!

Little Man helped him put it together.

We are a bit sentimental, so it was with a small pang that we said farewell to our old grill.  22 years old and still getting the job done, with many repaired or hacked parts to keep it working.  It had been our house warming gift to ourselves when we bought our first home as a married couple.  Lots of memories made with this old grill....

....but now we can make many more with the new one!  My husband is very happy, and that makes ME happy.  :)

The Piano Guys!

Our wonderful piano teacher arranged for any of her piano students who wished to attend a piano guys concert.  The two piano boys in our family (plus myself!) went, and it was AMAZING!

A beautiful, ornate theater, for a funny and meaningful concert.  Super fun evening!

This was the stage right before they came out.  The piano guys are two guys, one a pianist and one a cellist, who love to mash up classical music with modern tunes.  They are also funny, good story tellers, and do a great "straight man, funny man" routine.  It was an incredible evening, and really motivated our piano playing boys!

They were joined on one of their songs by some local student violinists.

If you are not familiar with the piano guys, you can find oodles of songs on You Tube.  Here is a link to one of our favorites, a mash up of "Fight Song" with "Amazing Grace," and set in beautiful Scotland.  Sorry, could not just imbed the whole video right here!

End of an Era

Yes, after 9 consecutive years, this was our last official year to participate in the Pinewood Derby. Bittersweet.  Little Man participated in the open class even before he was old enough to do it "for real," and his cars have always been ocean animal themed.  He didn't want to break that streak, so this year he made an octopus car!   Dad helped him with the power tools and made this:

Then there was a couple days of sanding.

And one very late night of painting.

And then it was derby day!

Little Man went out with a bang, as he won overall for best design, and came in second place for SPEED!  (we always focus on design over speed, so this was a big deal)

His winning car and his two trophies.

When we came home he got all his past cars out and "arranged" them for this photo.  Haha!  From left to right, swordfish, eels, octopus, giant squid, and shark.

Way to go Little Man!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - My view at breakfast

"There is no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Birthday Week!

Well, we've done a lot of living since last I posted!  I had a birthday, which wouldn't necessarily be noteworthy except my mom came to visit for a week during that time, and she introduced me to the idea of having a whole birth WEEK instead of just a birth DAY.  We went and picked up our college girl so that all my chickies were home AND my mom was here for my birthday - perfection!

When we picked up daughter G we got to see this recent project she had made for her 3D art class.  It had to be geometric, and made from wood.

Out for lunch on my birthday.

We found grafitti alley!

One thing I really wanted to do while my mom was here was to have a fun girl outing.  We went to a pottery painting shop and created together!

This is what I made.  I used my mom's and both my daughter's fingerprints for the leaves.

And after it was fired in the kiln.  I love it!!

 My mother in law and my mother!  Two special ladies.

Brother and sister.....always such a treat to have daughter G home!  (even if they are bonding over her new smart phone)

It was a great week and I felt very celebrated!