Sunday, March 27, 2016

End of an Era

Yes, after 9 consecutive years, this was our last official year to participate in the Pinewood Derby. Bittersweet.  Little Man participated in the open class even before he was old enough to do it "for real," and his cars have always been ocean animal themed.  He didn't want to break that streak, so this year he made an octopus car!   Dad helped him with the power tools and made this:

Then there was a couple days of sanding.

And one very late night of painting.

And then it was derby day!

Little Man went out with a bang, as he won overall for best design, and came in second place for SPEED!  (we always focus on design over speed, so this was a big deal)

His winning car and his two trophies.

When we came home he got all his past cars out and "arranged" them for this photo.  Haha!  From left to right, swordfish, eels, octopus, giant squid, and shark.

Way to go Little Man!!

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votemom said...

very cool - love that he kept with his theme. wtg LM!