Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy 15th Birthday son C!!!

This boy.  Oh my heart.

He is such a joy and a blessing to me!  He has such a sweet spirit, a helpful attitude, and he's a hard worker.

And he has the nicest friends.

We ate pizza.  We played laser tag.

They played xbox.

We ate cake!

This boy is an awesome young man.  Happy birthday C!

Goofing off in the Photo Booth!

Grad Party times Two!!

How do you have a grad party for two people with very different tastes?

You let them each decorate their own "all about me" table....

and pick their favorite dessert to have alongside their cake....

and the rest is happy, generic party!

We had a bit of a food emergency when the power strip got overwhelmed and stopped working, so everyone chipped in to heat food on our stovetop and carry it outside to the food line.

Many people were none the wiser!

It was fun to see so many people we love from various chapters of our lives all in one place!  We have the BEST relatives and friends.  They were so kind and generous to both son G and daughter H, and we are very, very grateful for their celebrating with us!