Sunday, September 25, 2011

Schoolroom Update

This is what our school couch looks like currently. Yes, there really is a couch buried under all that stuff:

And here is my desk:

Our school table:

Largely covered with tools!

This is looking at what will be the front of the classroom:

And I didn't bother taking pictures of the individual boxes sitting here and there filled with school materials that are awaiting a new home in the to-be purchased bookcase. Do you see why it feels like a herculean task for me to get this ready to use by next Monday?

However, I am determined! (pray for me!)

There has actually been a lot of progress this weekend. My husband got the area under the stairs dry walled!

This is where the couch will go, eventually.

And what has given my husband measuring and cutting fits was the installation of this built in shelving unit. There was a bit of dead space between the pipe from our upstairs half bath and the wall in the far right of this picture. My hubby decided to build me more shelves, because a teacher can't have too many shelves. These will be directly behind me when I'm sitting at my desk.

He left access at the floor, but covered the rest of the pipe with drywall, and fitted the wooden frame of the built in bookcase between the pipe and the wall. It took him much longer than he had hoped, but it fits perfectly! I am hoping the shelves and drywall will also help to muffle the loud whoosh sound we hear down there whenever someone flushes the toilet upstairs!


lazy susie said...

I love the cozy spot under the stairs AND the extra bookshelves! It's coming along wonderfully.

Leslie said...

You will get it done!!! Its coming. Love the extra bookshelf! you can never had too many of those!

Marsha said...

This all looks wonderful! Wish I could come help paint, organize, whatever! Looking forward to photos of the completed schoolroom!!! Love you!

Targetshopper: said...

I can't wait to see it all finished!