Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Week In Review

No pictures this week.

You may just want to stop reading right now!  haha

It was a low picture-taking week for me.  Too busy working yet another new schedule/routine.... more on that later.  And trying to get everyone where they needed to go, prepared for whatever the activity/class/event was.  While still caring for my father-in-law here at home, and visiting my mother-in-law in rehab.  She is doing well and gaining strength each day, but it will be a while longer.  Oh, and I had a head cold.


This will be short!

God is good.  Ultimately, that is my take away from this week.  Of course, that is not new news.  But it is still true.  And I am experiencing His goodness in the midst of what life involves right now.  Circumstances do not change God's character.  Did you hear that?  Let me say it again, because it is truth, and it is amazing.  Circumstances do not change God's character.  He is as true, as pure, as holy, as good, as kind, as jealous, as faithful, as trustworthy, as providential, as personal during MY difficult circumstances as He was during Joseph of the Old Testament's difficult circumstances, and as He was during any happy, easier time when it was incredibly obvious that He was "being" good to me.  Because God doesn't just "do" good things for us from time to time, or when we think we're being exceptionally spiritual and have an in with Him.  God IS good.

I think I am barely scratching the surface of what that really means, but even understanding a glimpse of it is pretty amazing.

I am thankful that God is good, and that I belong to Him.

We did do school this week (new schedule, remember?).  We continued our 3 week study of South America, plowed a little farther into chemistry and Spanish, practiced reading, corrected math problems and re-learned some tricky math concepts... I started a new John Grisham novel (A Painted House) that I am really enjoying during book time every afternoon...

but my main take away this week is....  God is good.  And owning that truth is ultimately more important than any of the other stuff.

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praying for you.