Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our Week in Review

Last week wrapped up our study of the Civil War.  The middle schoolers and high schooler learned about the final battles of the war, the surrender, and how Lincoln's assassination set a different stage for reconstruction.  Our younger two boys finished reading in depth about Abraham Lincoln.  We recorded a great docu-drama off the National Geographic channel called "Killing Lincoln" and watched that as a family.  (Disclaimer:  one rather violent stabbing scene, and another graphic barn fire and shoot out during which Booth is killed.)  Very, very well done.

Son G (8th grade) is writing a 5 paragraph essay on the Battle of Gettysburg,  Son L (7th grade) is writing a 5 paragraph essay on Robert E. Lee, and son C (fifth grade) is writing a 3 paragraph report on Abraham Lincoln.  Those papers will all be finished and turned in this week.

New daughter H has been formally withdrawn from her public school and is officially a homeschooler now!  She received her new Math U See Pre Algebra book in the mail this week and has been very excited to start that.  As excited as I have ever seen her about math!! :-)  I have been working on a school plan for her that will fill in the gaps she has, while allowing her to learn at her own pace and in the manner that best fits her style.  It's a work in progress, but we are slowly getting there.  It is quite a thing to take a middle schooler out of public school mid-year, unexpectedly, and plop her into a homeschooling family!  By God's grace we are all doing pretty well with the adjustments, but the flow and rhythm of school is not yet what I would like it to be.

We took a fantastic field trip this past week to a special presentation by our symphony orchestra!  It was specially designed for students, and was masterfully m.c.'d by the conductor.  We all enjoyed it immensely, but probably me the most!!  Symphony orchestra has always been one of my dearest loves....I do not think my sweet husband knows how deeply orchestra music resonates with me.  If he gave me nothing but orchestra tickets every birthday and Christmas for the rest of my life, I would die a happy woman!   (local friends, hint, hint)

(a note to Grandma...Little Man has since had a hair cut and looks quite snazzy now!)

We had a girls night out this week, and stamped home-made cards!  Great fun, and lots of beautiful cards to show for our effort.

I'm not a huge fan of grades, as they are often an artificial representation of what the student actually knows, but if you will allow me a proud mom moment regarding grades...daughter G received an A as her mid term grade in chemistry!  She worked HARD for that grade, and I am pleased that the letter grade shows how her hard work is paying off.  Her chemistry teacher is fairly tough (and it's NOT me!), so it was definitely an earned grade.  Great job G!!  We are proud of your work ethic!

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Loren Warnemuende said...

Pam, What would be a good biography of Lincoln for a middle-grade reader? Clare wants to read one, but didn't like the ones the library had. Of course, what she really wants is one from a series my mom has from her early years. Unfortunately Mom doesn't have Lincoln.