Friday, July 19, 2013

Camping Vacation - Part 2

We camped near a large lake, and that was super fun to go swimming in one day!  Lovely, sandy beach, shallow for a long way, cool water.  We had minnows nibbling at our toes and that kindof tickled.  Lots of fun!!

Our lovely spouting statue!

At the end of the lake day we cooled off even further by watching Despicable Me 2 in an AIR CONDITIONED THEATER!!!  Everybody liked it ~ very cute movie.

We spent the morning of our fourth day packing up, and once that was accomplished we headed off for one last play time in the pool.  Hubby got a good workout that day, lifting up every child in turn except for son L, who is the biggest, heaviest kid, and therefore took pity on his father. :)  This is Little Man.

Daughter H, trying to balance.  Trickier than it looks!

Little Man, going up...

...and all the way up!

Then they started getting fancy shmancy.  Here is son C balancing one footed.

Two at a time!

Our beautiful daughters.

We had a very late picnic lunch near the pool as our grand hurrah, and then headed for home.

Despite the heat we had a wonderful time and made lots of great memories!   Thank you, Lord, for the amazing outdoors you created for us to enjoy and rule over.  And thank you, mom and dad, for having the foresight years ago to purchase the campground membership!

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