Friday, December 19, 2014

Gingerbread House Decorating

One of daughter G's oldest friends has had a really cool Christmas tradition that her mom started with her when she was four years old ~ they invited a few friends over and decorated gingerbread houses together!  The host mom provided the houses and all the friends brought candy and food to decorate the houses with.  Daughter G was invited to join this tradition when she was 6.  Other friends have come and gone from these parties, but daughter G is the "longest running" friend, at 12 years!  It has been such a fun thing for the daughters and the moms through the years.  This year daughter G decided to go with an Oz theme.

The friends with their finished houses.

I loved this even has a carport (with car!) and a balcony!

Loved this one, too!

Such beautiful girls.  All of them homeschooled, and nearly all of them seniors this year!  We joked about how for the host daughter's wedding shower some day, the girls should get together and decorate houses!

So thankful for fun and meaningful traditions.

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