Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fun with Family

A few days after Christmas, my sister in law and her three children came from out of state to celebrate a late Christmas with us.  They stayed at our house so the cousins got a lot of great cousin time in, and we all had a great time.  We played a lot of card games.  This was the fast paced "spot it" I have mentioned before.  I crashed and burned on this one, but had fun anyway!

This was our first Christmas without my father in law, and we all felt his absence pretty acutely, none more so than my mother in law.  She is doing well adjusting to life without him, but it is HARD.

My sister in law with two of her kids.

Probably the most fun we had together was playing "Just Dance" on our new xbox.  Even *I* danced!!  And what good exercise, wow!  I was panting and huffing and puffing like crazy.  I should do that every day and I would soon be a skinny minny. ;)

Just after midnight on New Year's Eve.  Happy New Year!!  My mother in law was talking to her other son on the phone, so even though he was away at work he was in the picture too!

After sleeping in very late on New Year's Day, we later had a family sharing time where everyone gave an update on their lives and told us what we could be praying for them throughout this next year.  Before sharing time, everyone's phones had to be relinquished. :)

Just as our little friend admires son C's piano playing, son C admires his older cousin's playing! Even though he is a sophomore in college, he wasn't too old or too cool to play with C. They played numerous duets together.  Music to my ears.  Literally!

Proof that my sister in law can dance!

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votemom said...

love the pictures pam!
you will have to download SpaceTeam on all the smart phones - it's a fun group game!