Saturday, December 12, 2015

End of First Semester Art Show

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go visit daughter G at her college, for their annual "Hanging of the Greens" Christmas tradition, and end of first semester art show.  All the students in every art class are required to submit pieces for the show, but they are not guaranteed their pieces will make it in.  Daughter G got TWO pieces into the show!  We are so proud of her, and so thankful that we got to attend this show.

This is one of her pieces that did not make it in.  It was an exercise in learning "values", which is the artsy fartsy way of saying "shades."  It was stunning in real life.

Here is one of her pieces that DID make it into the show.  They had to take a familiar object (in her case, a tape measure) and turn it into something else....

Her second piece that made it into the show was her exercise in "lines."  It's hard to see well in this picture because it was a pencil drawing and was under glass, but she did a fantastic job on it.

Some of the other pieces were really creative and amazing.  I loved this one.  The word in red, "life", is repeated in the background in dozens and dozens of different languages.

Son C contemplating one of the art pieces.

We all loved this sculpture of a whale breaching out of an encyclopedia!

Before the art show we enjoyed singing carols outside with most of the student body and a lot of people from the community.  I'm grateful we live close enough to attend special events like this!  And grateful that our college girl invites us. :)

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