Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen

Sons G and L have been in drama class this year at our co-op, and last weekend was play weekend! They performed a pirate comedy that was truly funny, and they did it well.  I know I'm biased, but I really do think it is one of the better high school productions I have seen.  Very proud of the entire cast, and particularly our boys!

Our son G has super tight curly hair that he had been growing out since Christmas just so that it would be long enough to be straightened and put in a pony tail for his character in the play.  Now that is dedication, folks!

The story revolved around a proper young woman who is loved by a respectable gentleman, but before he can propose to her he learns that she longs for adventure and has been fantasizing about a pirate in a wanted poster.  So he becomes a pirate in order to woo her.  Son G played the gentleman's butler, so at first he had to look like a proper 17th century butler, and later he had to look like a pirate.

Son L played one of the "pirates" on this gentleman's hired crew.  He added such a quirky sense of humor to his character - it was so funny!  Here are the boys with grandma after opening night.

Daughter G got to come home and see her brothers in the play, as well as a bunch of old co-op friends!  Yay! (She is in the middle, with the hat on.)

After a couple female cast members spent nearly 3 hours straightening G's hair for the first performance, he didn't want it to get curly and make them have to repeat their work, so daughter G put his hair in a couple of pony tails Saturday morning and he wore his hair like this until the performance later that evening.  Soooo funny!

Okay, on to the actual play......  son G as the butler!

He had to hire a pirate crew for his master, and they were all so quirky and/or stupid.  Loved their characters!

Son L was, of course, the best of the bunch. :)

 Here they are after becoming pirates, to the left and right of the lead character in the middle.

The pirate butler (son G) also hired a real pirate to "train" the upstanding gentleman in how to act and talk like a pirate.  Unbeknownst to them, the "real" pirate (Captain Long John Silver) was actually a girl posing as a man in order to live a life of excitement and adventure.  She nailed her part!

This was one of the funniest moments.  At several different points in the story, the gentleman's pirate crew had to hide.  Son L's character always posed like a tree, hiding behind a tree.  When he did this the entire audience laughed!!

In the end, the woman and the gentleman, after being married by another pirate captain (Blackbeard) realize that the pirating life was not all they thought it would be, and they return to their more sedate but happy life on land.  (the below picture was the woman with her pirate crew).

 Taking their bows at the end.  Son L stayed in character even during the bowing!

 The girl in the below picture was the female lead.  She did an amazing job!  (she is also one of my students in the English class I teach at co-op - I am blessed to have had her as a student for three years!)

With some friends who came to see the play.

It was a fun, fun weekend!  I am grateful for all the opportunities my children have at our co-op!

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