Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy 20th, 18th, and 17th birthdays!

Welp, our oldest child is no longer a teenager.  HOW did that happen?!

We celebrated her a few days before her birthday, when she was home from college for the weekend.  Unfortunately, not all of her siblings were also home that same weekend, but we held up a picture of the missing boy so that we were all "together!"  We are in that stage of life where there are just a lot of comings and goings.

One week later, this boy turned 18!!

Son G's birthday fell during tech week right before the play, so I took a cake to play practice and all his drama friends sang to him during rehearsal.

He and son L's play performances were wonderful!!  They performed in Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility", and Little Man also acted in the play for the very first time.

Then today, son L turned 17!!

And in between there was senior prom for son G,

new laptop for him, as he prepares to graduate and head off to college,

senior "pinning" for daughter H,

the end of semester art show for daughter G, and then bringing her home after successfully completing her sophomore year of college,

and copious amounts of yard work, as we prepare for a double graduation party.

Love each milestone and each moment with these precious kiddos.

Happy birthday daughter G, son G, and son L!


votemom said...

so glad you found time to squeeze in an update.
i know you are in "the trenches" of parenthood right now --- well, with 6 kids so close in age, life no doubt has felt "in the trenches" for as long as you can remember. i pray for you and love you.

p.s. G looks soooo handsome in a tux!

Teacher/Mom said...

You have a 20 year old? Wow, you're getting old! (I'm so just kidding about that!!!) Old is a state of mind, and I can see, with all you are doing, you definitely do not have an old state of mind! Glad to see an update of your crew. I so wish we lived closer as our kids have the music and performing bug in common.

Debbie Myer said...

there is too much Wonderfulness in this one blog post. My mind is blown. I would say i'm speechless, but want to tell you all that i love you!!! Happy birthday, dear ones!! Beautiful artwork, G! How excited I am for you, with all your senior special things, H! And happy grad to both seniors!!
And way to go, thespians!
You guys are living life full to the brim. :)
Love, love, love to each ~
aunt Debbie