Monday, February 27, 2012

Day at the Museum

You've heard of "Night at the Museum"? Well, we went during the day, and while no single item seemed to come alive, history certainly came alive for us!

Boys never outgrow their fascination with big machines.

Me and my mother. How I love this woman!

My daughter joined us ~ how I love both these women!

And how I love this man! So fun to see my dad interacting with my children. I love multiple generations being together.

My parents with a car from the 50's ~ the time in which they fell in love!

Playing Texaco station attendant. This was a super fun hands on area that all of my boys LOVED, from the seven year old to the twelve year old.

Ordering soda at an old fashioned diner.

A memorable day at the museum!


votemom said...

it's good to hear they are trying to make the museum a better choice for families with all ages of kids. so glad you could go and have such a fun time together!

Targetshopper: said...

What a fun day! I'm still so excited for you that your parents are/were here!!!