Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

It's February, which means time for the annual homeschool father-daughter dance. This year was even more special because our daughter had her grandparents and aunts here at the same time! And for the first time our daughter wanted to not wear just nice church clothes, but a "real" party dress. She, myself, my mom, and my two sisters all went dress shopping, and what 14 year old girl doesn't love to go dress shopping with her mom, grandma, and two aunts??!!??!! I give my daughter lots of credit for being extremely patient and flexible while shopping. And my mom and sisters were pretty patient and flexible too! :-)

Here is the dress we picked out. I was pleasantly surprised to find several options that could have worked, modesty wise.

After choosing the dress we had to find the right shoes, just the right little "over jacket", and of course, the right nylons!

We came home and had such fun getting her ready for the dance. My sister Gayle, who has always been the family hairdresser, worked on her hair, while my sister Debbie did her toenails. She would be wearing high heels for the first time, and they were open-toed, so of course the toenails had to be done!

When our daughter was all ready, daddy came in for the big "reveal". It was a special moment! She looked so grown up and beautiful!

He carefully fastened her necklace, and then she was completely ready.

Here's a shot with the little jacket on.

And just to prove that I was there too......

It was super fun to share this special occasion with my extended family!

(note to myself for posterity: first party dress, first high heels, first make up)


votemom said...

she looks sooooooo adorable and pretty! i know it was an event (all of it) that she will always remember!!!

emma said...

love love LOVE this.

votemom said...

where did she get her dress?

Pam said...

Dress at JC Penney.

Little jacket and shoes at Sears.

Targetshopper: said...

oh my goodness, she looks beautiful! LOVE her dress and hair! How fun to have so many female relatives to help with the special occasion. I'm sure it is a day she will never forget!