Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bunk Beds!!

Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who found out they were expecting their fifth child.  In order to make a nursery for the coming baby, the husband decided to build bunk beds so that the other three brothers could all share one room (big sister already had her own).  Beautiful, strong poplar wood was purchased and all the pieces were cut to the specified size.

There were a LOT of rectangular pieces, and they were stacked in the garage waiting to be sanded.  There they waited, and waited, and waited.  The wife made a plan B allowing the three boys to share a room, got the nursery ready, and gave birth to the fifth baby.  Another boy!  Life got even busier.  Periodically through the next few years a few pieces of the bunk bed got sanded.  After about eight years, ALL the pieces were finally sanded!

Then the husband and wife learned they would become parents to another daughter!  The only logical place for the new daughter to sleep was to share the first daughter's room.  The bunk beds would need to be finished.   The husband worked with new urgency.  He and his wife spent hours and hours gluing all the pieces of the headboards and footboards together.  That part was definitely a two person job.

Finally they were ready to be assembled!  Oh happiness!!

The wife could hardly believe when they were ready for SHEETS to be put on!

The new daughter loved her space on the top bunk!

The trundle bed still fit under the bottom bunk, so a third girl could sleep in that room, too.  Just in time for an Easter visit from cousin Hailey!

God knew these beds would be needed even more in 2013 than they were in 2004..... and the finishing of them would mean more to the husband after such a long wait.  The wife was thrilled.  The girls were ecstatic.  Happy sleep reigned in the now spacious bedroom.

The end.


Lona said...

God knew...

Love it when a project finally is finished. Hope all is well with you, Pam.

Beth in Texas said...

Oh, wow. I saw a pic on G's wall but didn't know the story. I thought they might be from IKEA or something. I know these are MUCH more solid and better construction than those would ever be. Happy day!