Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good-bye Toy Room! Hello Bedroom!

After 12 years and the addition of a sixth child, we decided that the toy room space could be put to better use as a fifth bedroom.  So the purging began.  Doing our own little version of a TV show we used to watch called 'Clean Sweep', we are financing the making of the new room from things that used to be in the room itself.  Close to $300 so far!  We got the closet pared down to this:  (with lots of room around the corner for clothes)

We worked and worked to (mostly) empty the room and then studs went up..

...wiring was put in, and then the drywall was put on.  This is one of the cool things about being a homeowner ~ if we want to put up a wall, we can put up a wall!

Back when this was a toy room, this was a chalkboard wall.  Time to paint it over!  We are only painting this one wall for now. Waiting til school is finished to paint the others.

So even though the room is not "done done", it is now usable.  Just in time for a visit from my parents!!

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