Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday!!!!!

Wow, I have gotten so far behind in my blog posts!  So much life happens all the time, it's hard to keep my blog current, but I'm determined to do better.... so....

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our oldest daughter turning SIXTEEN!  Still trying to wrap my brain around that one.  We had a joint birthday dinner for her and my father in law, who turned 95!  (I know, right??!)

All my husband's original nuclear family minus one sister.

Here is my father in law looking stoic just before opening his cards and gifts.  What would YOU give a 95 year old man?  We gave him specialty cookies and snack foods!

The next day, G's birthday, we had a SCAVENGER HUNT!  (Yes, I am shouting!)  This was so. much. fun. for the parents to plan and execute.  We gave daughter G the first clue right after my husband got home from work.  It said, "What do we often have for dinner?  On Friday night it's always a winner.  Put on your shoes, G will drive.  Where our roundish, Hawaiian dish will arrive."  It didn't take the kids long to figure out we were going to a pizza place for dinner.

When the waitress brought our check for dinner, she also brought G the next clue.  That led us to a specific spot in a park where we like to sled in the winter.  Under a rock next to a tree the children found their next clue, which led us to an ice cream shop for dessert.

Was this the final destination, the children wondered?  Hubby and I just shrugged our shoulders, while waiting (not so) patiently for G to finish her copious amount of ice cream, because hidden in the bottom of her cone was a ziploc baggie with the next clue!

This led us to Best Buy, where the next clue was waiting inside one of the refrigerators in the appliance section.  And *this* clue led us to the computer section where we finally revealed our gift to her.... her very own laptop!

It was a fun evening, and a fun celebration of our sweet, gracious, smart, talented, God-loving, delightful daughter!  We love you!!

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emma said...

SUPER fun birthday!!!