Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School ~ 2013

We started school on August 21 this year, a little earlier than any of us wanted to start, but start we did!  We talked a bit about what we would be learning in Year 4 of Tapestry of Grace (the 20th century), and then we made our traditional cookie dough maps!  We made them of Europe this time, as we would soon be learning about World War I.  For more information on how we make our cookie dough maps, go here.

It's rather tricky to form dough into the shape of Europe, but the children did a wonderful job.

Daughter G laboriously separated green and red sprinkles in order to use different colors for the Allies and the Central Powers on her map.

Daughter H adding chocolate chip mountains.

The maps puffed up during baking, but still look good don't you think?  Daughter H's:

Son L's:

Son C's:

Son G's (before baking):

Daugher G's, also before baking:

And Little Man's:

We ate about a third of our maps afterward, and ate the rest over the next few days.  We had an awesome time making and eating Europe!

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