Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soccer, soccer, and more soccer!

Fall soccer season is in full swing.  This fall all four of our boys are in soccer ~ and yes, you guessed it, each one of them is on a different team with a different schedule.  Yes, CRAZY!  This upcoming week alone we have 10 different soccer events, either games or practices.

BUT.... in spite of the craziness, I am really thankful for these soccer teams.  Our two oldest boys, 14 and 13, had aged out of the small christian soccer league we had participated in for many years, and needed a new place to land.  They are now playing recreational soccer on our city league, and are rubbing shoulders with lots of different boys from different backgrounds, learning to function well as a team, and having an opportunity to be lights for Jesus.  They are also learning how to be competitive but gracious in both winning and losing, which can be a tricky balance.  And I am of the strong opinion that growing teen boys need to do hard physical activity on a regular basis.  Here is son G, in the black, at his first game:

And son L at his first game yesterday.  The field was big and he was always playing on the far side of it, so I wasn't able to get a shot of him actually playing, but he played well!  Their team won a hard-fought victory against a team they have had a rivalry with for a long time (apparently), so it was extra sweet.

Our younger boys, 11 and 8, are still playing in the christian league, where my husband is a coach.  Here is my hubby cheering on one of his players as he was running onto the field before the first game! 

For the first time we have to "divide and conquer".  We can't all watch every game.  But the benefits of soccer outweigh the craziness of this schedule..... I think. :)

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