Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wonderful visit with my dear sis! (and Easter....)

We had a truly wonderful six days with my sister.  The children all declared Aunt Debbie to be a super fun aunt, and her ability to set herself aside and focus on others made us all feel very loved and special while she was here.  It was just perfect!  Here are a few highlights....

We had much music in the house all week, which made Aunt Debbie and myself very happy. :)

One day we went to visit my father in law in the hospital, and I caught this candid shot of our four older children walking through the parking lot.... love when they spontaneously show love for one another!

It was Little Man's turn for family devotions that day, so we included Grandpa and had devotions at his bedside!

Coloring Easter eggs!

Out for ice cream!

Easter Sunday.  I love my family!

Egg hunt.

I tried and tried to load a good picture of my sister and me, but blogger just didn't like that pic for some reason and wouldn't let me do it.  Oh well.  Trust me, we looked good together. :)

Debbie, thank you so much for spending your spring break with us!  We reveled in your company and cherished every moment with you.  You are a delightful blessing and God's gift to us this spring.  We love you!

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Anonymous said...

YOU all were my highlight!!! What a gift to me, to be able to savor time with each one of you. Your family of eight lights up my life <3
Love, Aunt Debbie