Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday!!!!!

Intellectually, I know how we got to have a 17 year old, but my mama's heart cannot quite wrap itself around the fact that our first born baby is now 17!  We had a lot of fun celebrating her, starting with a late night balloon cage that my hubby and I created on her door the night before, so that balloons would fall into her room when she opened it in the morning!  This was much harder than it looks.  Despite the giggles and the fumbling around, I think we managed to get it done without waking any of the children!

We decided to give her 17 presents, one for each year she has lived.  (Note to self for the future: it is much easier to do this for my girls than it would be for my boys.  Girls like little things like candy and earrings and t-shirts folded into small bundles!)

My parents gave her a cute sweater and a pale pink pearl necklace that had belonged to MY grandmother!

This is what 17 gifts look like, opened.

We had dessert first!  We went to a specific ice cream shop that has dee-lish ice cream!

While we were there, Aunt Debbie called to wish daughter G a happy birthday.  Aunt Debbie had only left a few days earlier, so we were still really missing her and it was great to hear her voice!

Then we went out to Famous Dave's BBQ for dinner!  Everyone gave it a thumbs up.

Happy, happy birthday to our beautiful, godly daughter.  It is so clear that God is at work in your life, and we are humbled and amazed to get to witness it up close.  We love you!

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