Monday, June 22, 2015


Two years ago Little Man came home from the last day of co-op with a tiny little gold fish in a rinsed out Starbucks cold drink container.  His elementary science class had learned about goldfish and he had excitedly asked his teacher if he could take one home at the end of the day.  Without asking his mama.

I was not anticipating owning a goldfish.

But such is the pull of one's youngest baby on a mama's heart, that the mama will go to the store and buy the smallest possible aquarium with filter and rocks and fake plants in order to create a habitat for the little goldfish, which mama expects will live about a week.

The baby goldfish was named "Happy" and he is still living a happy life, two years later!

He has grown tremendously - at least quadrupled in size, probably sextupled (is that a word?).  He graduated to a larger aquarium, and makes my Little Man exceedingly happy.  He is aptly named!

(photo credits go to Little Man)

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