Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Family Time at the Cottage

Our last two days before taking daughter G to college were spent having family time at our cottage. It was PERFECT.   Note to self:  do this again when the next child is preparing to leave for college.

Light hearted fun.  Laughter.  No computers or ipods or cell phones.  None of the chores and responsibilities of daily life.

Just having fun and making memories as a family.  PERFECT!

The boys played chicken at the end of the dock all weekend.

Little Man held his own fairly well against his bigger, more muscular brothers!  Here he had just pushed in brother G.

We had contests to see who could jump out the farthest.

And of course there was much laying in the sun.

We played Uno and then introduced our children to the game of Pit.  Hilarious (and loud) fun!

 Three of our four handsome boys.

The new college student....contemplating life.

Daughter H, jumping in backwards!

It was a fantastic weekend and a great "exclamation point" on the end of summer.  So thankful!

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