Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Visiting our College Girl

During her first week of college, daughter G jumped right in to dorm life and began making solid, deep friendships with many of the girls on her floor.  Just as we hoped she would!  She also began to realize what having a 10' by 15' room be her bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen actually meant, and made a list of things she wished she had brought with her on move in day.  After six days of separation, we made a quick afternoon trip to visit her, show her dorm room to her brothers (who hadn't seen it yet) and take her the things on her list.  I have to say, it was wonderful for this mama to check in on her girl and made my heart feel so happy to see her settling in so well!

The brothers loved that she has Netflix in her room. :)

 Sibling love!

 We helped her hang these boards ~ the last bit of "decorating" she had left to do.

Then her brothers took the camera and shot all these pics of her in modeling poses. ;)

I love how goofy siblings can be together!

We took her out to dinner off campus - first time she'd been off campus all week - and got a few more school supplies that she needed.  It was a WONDERFUL afternoon. Made us all happy.  Probably me the most. :)

My heart is at peace.

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