Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Husband Has a Job!!!

Lots to share, but for now the most important thing is that God has provided us with a new job!

We took a camping vacation recently, and while we were away this interview got set up.  It was with a company we had never heard of before.  They found his resume on a resume/job sharing website that my husband uses, and THEY contacted HIM.  Yay!  So we came home and had a day in between to prep for this interview.

We fished out my husband's old dress shoes, which haven't been worn in years due to "business casual," and I polished them for him and added new laces.  I prayed for my hubby as I worked, and just really put a lot of love into polishing those shoes.

As he was leaving for the interview the next morning I joked with him that people were going to notice his shiny "new" shoes, and they would hire him on the spot!

Well, it wasn't on the spot but they called the following day to offer him the job. :)

Ultimately we know it had nothing to do with his shoes.  It had everything to do with this being God's plan for us.

Our last unemployment was unbelievably hard.  In every way.  We came to within 9 days of losing our home.  Hubby and I regularly went without meals.  Had a dark time of soul searching and doubting.  Just hard.   This time it has been "easy," comparatively speaking.   Both ways, God has been good.  God IS good.

We are so, so grateful.  Rejoice with us!

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votemom said...

i am rejoicing with you. you glorified Him during both experiences. He IS good.