Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lake Michigan Vacation, days 1 and 2

Beach vacation, here we come!!

We packed our vehicle to the max with camping gear and kids, and headed out.  Daughter H had other commitments and did not come with us on this trip, which allowed for more STUFF (food) in the car!

This was the sunset on night #1 at our campground.  My soul began its refreshment as soon as I saw this.

Our campsite.  We all sleep in the big tent and use the small tent for our duffel bags and as a changing room.

The Summer Olympics was in full swing when we left, and the boys were frequently practicing their Micheal Phelps game face during our trip.

After camping all my life I finally got smart about bringing hanging organizers to keep stuff off our eating table!

Beautiful Lake Michigan.

Doesn't this trail just beg exploring?

We did not have wifi at our campground (yay!) but we did use a couple of phones for the game "heads up" and had a lot of fun with that!

Our boys....playing together....(insert happy sigh here).

Do you see what I see?

The surf rolling up to my toes!

Son L found a heart shaped rock!

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