Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ocean Boxes

We are so enjoying the hands on experience of making ocean boxes this year! That, along with our lapbooks/science notebooks is turning out to be the perfect compliment to our science studies. We are loving the Apologia Elementary science book we're using, Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. Just love it!

Two weeks ago we learned about walruses. We learned that their tusks are actually long teeth which can grow up to 3 feet long (!), that they have only two natural predators because of their immense size, that they can weigh more than a car, and about "hauling out". Here are some clay walruses and ocean boxes in various stages of completion.

Last week we learned about sea turtles. Did you know that there are 7 different species of sea turtle? I know, I didn't either. We read about them, made flapbooks illustrating the 7 different types from smallest to largest, and then made clay turtles for our ocean boxes. Did you know that the biggest sea turtle, the leatherback, can grow longer than 9 feet???? 9 FEET! And weigh more than a ton???? That's way bigger than even Goliath. The boys were quite impressed. And to support all that size, it eats twice its weight in jellyfish every day. That is ALOT of jellyfish! Son C has felt badly for those low on the food chain, who supply other sea creatures with a steady diet, but we have talked several times about how that is part of God's plan, it's how He designed it.

Not to be outdone, Little Man insists on doing everything his big brothers do. I had not made him his own science notebook last summer, thinking he was too young, but he wants to do it, so.....

Here G is putting a turtle body onto a length of wire. You can just see the turtle head sticking out above the top of the box, above the wire. It looked really cool when it was done.

A turtle and sea snake, both herps, which we learned means "aquatic reptile".

Thank you, God, for such a good fit for us for science this year. And thank you for the amazing world you made for us to discover and explore.


Kathi said...

I found your blog through someone else's and have enjoyed reading your posts. We, too, are using this science book for my 3rd grader. We are really enjoying it. His favorite part is doing the ocean box. I'm just waiting to post a pic of the final project.

We're also using Tapestry of Grace. This is our first year and I am loving it. My 7th grader won't tell me out loud that she likes it, but she told my Mom that she was enjoying history.

Beth in Texas said...

Pam, I went out and bought more modeling clay and Gregory is doing a diorama for his reading/writing class final project on Prince Caspian. He is loving using it and especially loves the fact that he can work with it and not have it dry out.