Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chore Buddies

Years ago when Little Man graduated from the crib, we felt he no longer needed his own room (the nursery) and moved our oldest son in with him. This left the two middle sons sharing a room together. These pairings have worked out very well because the roommates' personalities mesh well together. I am reluctant to switch things up because they are working so well! But we wanted the non-roommates to have more opportunities to learn to mesh well too, so we came up with the idea of chore buddies.

Chore buddies are the non-roommates tasked with a "big" chore ~ in order to accomplish it they have to communicate and work it out together. Sons G and C worked on laying mulch and re-setting paver stones by our front porch. They did a great job!

Doesn't it look fantastic? It would seem even more fantastic if I'd remembered to take a "before" picture! (it was pretty bad, and had been on my to-do list for a long time)

Meanwhile, son L and Little Man worked on cleaning all the panes in our french doors. This is not a job that anyone really wants to do. Not as fun as laying mulch. They had good attitudes, however, and worked well together.

"Here I am stuck with an inside chore on a really nice day!"

"How many panes are there, anyway?"

Ta-da! A job well done!

I think chore buddies are here to stay!

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Angela said...

excellent idea! i'm always learning great ideas from you and I love how you share them and with visuals (pictures)!