Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

We spent a wonderful fourth of July weekend up at the cottage. The kids played with their cousins, the adults visited and supervised swimming, and we all enjoyed the glorious weather. I got to read one whole book on my Kindle!! (which I am already in love with)

Picnic lunch on the dock.

Six year old cousins.

Little Man and Son C. They were dreaming of riding in this picture, but later they got to actually ride!

Sunset after a storm blew through. Beautiful!

All snuggled in, listening to daddy read.

Son L.

Daughter G and one of her few girl cousins!

This is Little Man jumping off the end of the dock without a life jacket for the very first time. The water is way over his head at this point, but he managed to dog paddle safely back to where he could touch. He did this several times, and then we made him put the life jacket back on, so his tired body wouldn't have to work so hard (and mommy wouldn't have to worry so much). :-)

Uncle Brian and son G.

Cousin K driving!

My hubby and son L, thumbs up! After this picture was taken, I swallowed my personal water fear and took a longish jet ski ride with my husband. And you know what? It was fun!

Happy Birthday to my mother in law!!

Son C hugging our dear Aunt Lois, who would go in for major surgery the very next day.

Handsome, debonair boys.

I'm so thankful for a fun, relaxing time, thankful for family, and thankful for my own bed to come home to!


Teacher/Mom said...

How come there's not a picture of you with your Kindle? Looks like a fun time was had by all. So happy it was a good one for you. Blessings.

votemom said...

thankful with you.

Pam said...

cause I'm the one taking all the pictures!

Angela said...

looks like such a fun time and love hearing over each summer as you so bravely face water issues - it is so inspiring and you are so awesome with the pool and lake and camping etc. You have not allowed fears to interfere with your family's love of the water! You kids are all little fish! And so glad that you had fun on the jet ski - bonus blessing!