Thursday, July 28, 2011

Having an amazing time....

We are having a great time on our camping trip - a wonderful blend of hanging out at the campsite, sleeping in, reading, swimming, and having fun, historical outings. Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Gettysburg Museum and began a driving tour of the battlefield. Tomorrow we will finish the driving tour and do something special (it's a secret from the kids, so I can't say yet what it is). I finished the book "The Killer Angels" the day before we went to see Gettysburg. It is the book that the "Gettysburg" movie is based on. Amazing to have that history fresh in my mind, and then to see the places where it happened, and to walk the same soil where so many fought and died. Lots of emotions.

Earlier this week we toured the Hershey Chocolate Factory ~ a really well done, kid-friendly tour and yummy samples at the end. :-)

I can tell we were not fully engaged while prepping for our trip ~ we forgot several key things that are mainstays of our camping vacations, such as the canopy we put up to create an open-air, covered kitchen. It has rained a part of every day we've been here except for yesterday, so we have really missed our canopy! The tent is staying mostly dry. A couple of very small puddles after a downpour is acceptable, don't you think? Today my husband took the two younger boys on separate fishing dates while I swam with the others at the pool and did laundry. While we were swimming it began to rain pretty hard ~ I had forgotten how fun it is to swim in the rain!

So before I know it this week is going to be over. :-( In the meantime I am enjoying every moment with my family, and feeling grateful that we can experience such an important part of American history. See you next week!


Teacher/Mom said...

I was wondering if you were going to see the chocolate. I've always wanted to see that area of the country. Especially Amish country. Excited to hear about the surprise. May God give you safety for the rest of your trip and back home.

lahbluebonnet said...

Glad you're having fun despite the rain! How sad to have forgotten that canopy! You are only 2 hours from me!

Beth in Texas said...

I found out that a college friend is only 2 hours from Gettysburg and has said we can stay with her next year! She said she offers nothing fancy. I'm good with that. Yippee for free.

So tell me everything we need to do.

Leslie said...

So glad you are having a fun time! Enjoy!