Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grand Canyon!

Posting real quick from outside a Starbucks in Flagstaff, AZ.  We had a FABULOUS time at the Grand Canyon.  Words cannot describe the beauty, the majesty, and the awe-inspiring experience each of us had at this amazing place.  I'll post lots more pics when I have time and computer access, but here is just a taste!  Picture above was taken right after we'd finished a four hike partway down the canyon and back up.  AMAZING.  My feet will not forgive me, but it was worth it!

10 point buck sitting right beside the road just eating!!  We saw lots and lots of wildlife.  Elk wandered freely throughout our campsite.  We got as close as about 20 feet away.

One of the many canyon vistas we experienced.

Today we move on to California for the next part of our vacation!

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votemom said...

i really love the family pic you posted. it's awesome. i hope you will enlarge and frame one for home. your kids are all at ages where they will remember this excursion!

praying for all of you.