Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leaving... On a Jet Plane....

Actually, we're not leaving on a jet plane, just had that song running through my head!

We are leaving.... in a suburban.  For a three week road trip.  Yes sirree!  SO excited!  So much to do in the next few days....

We have to hit the ground running with school as soon as we return, so in addition to getting ready to go, I'm also trying to get ready for coming home.  One big new thing for all of us this year is that we joined a large home school co-op and will be attending there one day a week for classes.  I went to orientation tonight, and now I am so geeked for co-op to start!  Such lovely, kind, and caring people.  Such motivated teachers (they are paid, not just volunteer moms, and usually experts in their particular field, and passionate about what they are teaching!).  Such GREAT classes, that meet needs for each of my children.  I am praying we will all make new friends quickly.  Just so thankful that God led us in this direction, and confident that it is the right fit for us.


Before school and co-op comes vacation!!!



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