Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kitchen is DONE!

The painting of the kitchen is now complete.  HUGE sigh of relief!!  Before, our walls were sponge painted tan on white, like the background behind these grapes.  The grapes were stenciled on by the previous owners, and they were LOVELY.  But after 11 years of enjoying the grapes, it was time to make the kitchen my own.




 The new tan color looks so good next to our red family room!

It's just a kitchen, and it's just paint.  But it looks cleaner, less cluttered, and it's color coordinated once again with the rest of the downstairs.  It makes me happy!  And since I spend the majority of my time in these two rooms (and because I'm the mom!), happy is good!  I'm so very thankful to check this OFF my summer to-do list! 

(thank you, paint fairy, for helping me with the most visible edge!)


votemom said...

hooraaaaaaay! it looks great pam. it's amazing how fresh paint makes it feel so much nicer and even cleaner. who was your paint fairy?

Beth in Texas said...

I need any tips you have for painting two walls that join like that. I have a few in this house.

Teacher/Mom said...

It looks awesome! Way to go! I'm also curious how you got the two walls to join without the paint running. We've got several areas like this. One wall turned out fine, the other kept smudging. Blessings.

Pam said...

Beth and Teacher/Mom: which two walls that join?? which pic are you referring to? I didn't do anything special for any of the painting, I just rolled with a roller brush any area big enough for the roller, and painted everything else with a 1.5" angle brush ~ including all the edges up by the white ceiling. It was slow and painstaking, but turned out great!

Pam said...

I think I get it. You mean the red wall and the tan wall? I just roller painted veeeeeery carefully!