Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of our New Co-op!

What a great first day!

I am so impressed with this co-op ~ how it is organized and administered, the caliber of teachers, and the class offerings.  We even made new friends on our very first day!

Daughter G has Apologia chemistry with labs, spanish 2, and a watercolor art class.

Son G has Apologia physical science, inventors and inventions, and a class about persecuted Christian children in other countries (today they sat in a dark storage room to simulate being in prison, while eating rice pudding from Vietnam).

Son L has Apologia general science, a class studying the book Pilgrim's Progress in depth, and the same class about persecuted Christians.

Son C is in the same inventors and inventions class as his brother G, and the same class about persecuted Christians.  He is also in a lego class, where they have a building challenge each week and learn to manipulate the pieces in new ways, a self defense class (basically beginning karate), and a chess class.  He is THRILLED with his schedule!

Little Man is also in the persecuted Christians class, a beginning science class, a Five in a Row literature class, and the self defense class with his brother C.

I am the chemistry class helper, so I spent two hours today helping supervise a couple of experiments (non bunsen burner, so no flames yet), learning the names of the 14 high schoolers in the class, and trying to remember how to convert metric measurements.  I am doing the reading each week along with our daughter, and having to brush up on my algebra.  This class will definitely stretch me!

We have in between hours at co-op, that can be used for getting other work done.  So we packed our backpacks last night with math and history books, and I stayed up late making lunches for everyone.  How do you building school parents do this every night????  (and how do your poor kids not have back aches every day?!)

Thankful.  Very tired (note to local friends ~ don't expect me to answer calls or be able to do much on Tuesday evenings).  But overwhelmingly thankful!

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emma said...

those sound like really fun and interesting classes!

my mom has always loved packing lunches ;)