Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our niece is a married woman!

The last big "event" of our vacation was to attend our niece's wedding.  What a beautiful, God-honoring wedding ceremony it was!  Two people who love the Lord and are crazy in love with each other... it is a unique kind of holiness to catch a glimpse of their heart for God and for each other.

My hubby taught the bride to walk! Yes, he did.  When she was one year old, in the dining room of my parents' house, with a hair brush in each of her hands..... he worked and worked with her until she had it down!  He therefore took a bit of credit for her being able to walk down the aisle...!  Almost dreamlike to have known this beautiful woman all of her life, and to be there to help launch her into marriage with her beloved.  Son G and daughter G posed with this picture of the wedding couple.

Our son L swing dancing with his cousin!

Our boys had a blast dancing all evening long and later declared it the "funnest wedding ever!"  (it is the first wedding Little Man has been to, but still...)

We are now just three days from HOME!

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