Sunday, September 9, 2012


We are H.O.M.E.!!

In our own beds.  No more living out of duffel bags, and buying ice for the cooler every day.  Three weeks is a long time to be gone....

But it was worth it!

We had a FABULOUS time.  Truly, truly refreshing.  Our bodies are a bit weary from the long drive home, but our minds and spirits had such a complete rest from our normal routine.  And we had so much fun as a family and made so many great memories.  I am extremely grateful that we were able to take this trip.

I went "big" grocery shopping this morning while the rest of the family slept, and am on my second load of laundry.  Hubby and the boys are emptying the car topper as I type, and putting away the camping gear.  Tomorrow we jump into school full steam ahead.

So thankful for the change of pace that a vacation brings.

And so thankful for the predictability of routine that being home brings!


Teacher/Mom said...

Glad to hear you made it home safe. Now - get back to the grind ;-)

Mary said...

We took a three week road trip in June, so I know the feeling! Glad you are home safe!

Marsha said...

So glad you are home, and so glad you were able to come through Oklahoma along the many miles you've driven. Love and hugs to all of you!!!