Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Day at Co-op

Here is a sampling of a few of our co-op classes on a random Tuesday in January....

Daughters G and H in watercolor class.  Some of the students are doing amazing work in here!


Little Man in his science class.  They were learning some physics principle but I'm not sure what it was!

Son C in lego club.  He gets a new building challenge each week, builds the given item at home, takes it to class for "show and tell", and then they take a picture of his structure each week and compile the pictures into a notebook.  Notes on each structure include what it is and how many hours it took to build.  Son C has been in his *element* for this class!

Daughter G spent hours and hours during Christmas break working on a narrative for Spanish 2.  She and a partner had to write an English dialogue, translate it into Spanish, memorize it, and share it in class.  Her portion of the conversation was all about our family vacation last summer!

Teacher is standing to the left, evaluating their dialogue as they speak.  The boy in orange really looks excited, doesn't he??

 Here is a portion of her speech:

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