Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Fun!

Here are some pictures from two different sledding days we had recently.  We currently have no snow, but during the Christmas break we had LOTS of it, which was very fun! 

Son C trying out his new snowboard for the first time.  He got pretty good at it, pretty fast!

Second daughter H had never ever been sledding before.  She had a blast!

And just to prove that I was actually there too......

Son L coming down, and son G running to intercept him.  There were several attempted collisions between a sledder and a non-sledder, fortunately none succeeded.

 Little Man coming down.

 TX cousin K in the middle.  It was her first time sledding too!

Here are all 6 children coming down the hill at the same time.

Son C after he had mastered the snowboard.  He was so excited about this!

Son L catching air.

Not only was I *there*, I actually went SLEDDING too!  Here is a pic of my back as I was just starting down.  It has been decades since I have sledded, and I tell you what..... I have been missing out!  I could hardly believe how much fun it was.  Seriously.  Looking forward to next time!

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