Saturday, February 23, 2013

Contest Painting

Daughter G finished her contest painting this week, and we got it mailed off yesterday!  I am so immensely proud of her for all her hard work and perseverance.  It was a little hard to let this painting go, as it represents HOURS of work and is so well done, and it now becomes the property of the grocery store chain sponsoring the contest, so it is highly unlikely we will ever see it again.

So I did what I do best.... take lots of pictures!  :-)

The point of the contest was to use some art form to depict what black history month means to you.  Daughter G came up with this concept of showing through pictures, in timeline form, the journey of blacks from slavery to equality.  We have no way of knowing how many others have entered the contest (has to be people who shop at our grocery store chain!), but she will be competing against all the other 10th graders in our state who have entered.  Because it could be hundreds of other students, she is not holding out much hope of winning, but she is very satisfied with how it turned out, and how she worked to make her vision a reality.

We are so proud of you, G!


Teacher/Mom said...

Wow! Way to go G! It's incredible! No matter what happens, that picture wins in my eyes.

votemom said...

it is soooo good! i predict an award coming very soon!!! plz keep us posted.

Kori said...

That is an amazing picture! In the future I would take it to a printing shop to have a copy made. Great job!