Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinewood Derby Day!

Son C has raced in his last Pinewood Derby as a Stockader (insert sad face here).  He had a blast designing his car.  Big sister G painted the flames on the top and sides, and that seemed to help speed it along, as his car came in second place!  Little Man made a swordfish car and raced it in the "open" class.  I have officially decided to race a car in the open class next year.  Can someone please remind me in January??  Little Man will be moving to Stockade this coming fall, so we have at least 3 more pinewood derbys to look forward to!  Yay!

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CAB said...

Hi - what's a Stockader? Is this something separate from Cub Scouts? We just had our races winners in the races, but one on looks "Most Looks Like a Racecar" by our Bear Cub Scout :) He was thrilled w/that!