Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun at the Cottage!

You know summer has arrived when we start going to our family cottage on weekends!  The children had high anticipation, partly because this was their first time at the cottage this season, and partly because it was daughter H's first time EVER!

Son G doing a flip off the end of the dock.

Me and daughter H.

Splash wars!

Son G and daughter H carefully struck their poses before splashing.

 Our beautiful daughter G!

Son C.

Little Man.

Son L, playing on daddy's phone under the shade of a towel.

Lunch on the dock.

Our beautiful daughter H!

What resourceful women do when they need both reading glasses AND sunglasses.... haven't you heard?  ;-)

Son C with his perch... he's the first member of our family to ever actually catch a fish FROM OUR DOCK!  (there's usually so much swimming and splashing, we scare away the fish)

Dinner together after a long day of play.

Cozy together on the car ride home.  At least one of these people fell asleep!  Can you guess which one?

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