Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Man's I Can Read Party!

After nearly two years, Little Man and I finally finished this book (and he finished with flying colors I might add!) so we began planning his "I Can Read" party.

He chose his favorite two stories from his reading book and read them aloud to his assembled family members.

He showed them the picture after each of the two stories (which was always a highly anticipated moment for him, after each story throughout the book!)

In honor of learning how to read, hubby and I gave him his very first "real" Bible.  This picture is grainy but shows how excited he was to receive it!  It was not that long ago when the Bible was the primary textbook in schools, and it was used to teach children how to read so that they would be able to read God's precious Word for themselves!

It was very special that both sets of Little Man's grandparents were here to celebrate this milestone with him!  Here he is with my parents:

and with hubby's parents:

The whole gang!

Since that time, he has been reading his Bible almost non-stop.  He is nearly half way through Genesis now!!  May all my children always have this thirst for God's Word.

Congratulations Little Man!

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Leslie said...

What a great celebration! We finally finished up our reading lessons too and I have not yet celebrated. Thanks for sharing!