Monday, June 3, 2013

Refreshment for my Soul


I have a really good excuse for not posting more often lately.... my parents were here!!   We were too busy living the memories to post about them, but now that my folks are gone (boo, hiss) here are some of the highlights.

One of their reasons for coming when they did was to "meet" our new daughter H!  They had met her once previously, before she was our daughter, and they were excited to welcome her into their hearts as their grand-daughter.


They got in on our whole Saturday soccer experience.  Here they are with my dear friend, Sally, whose son is on our son's team (super nice that we can cheer for the same side!)

My parents helped so much in the kitchen.  They were my "Alice" (remember Alice from the Brady Bunch?  My mom decided that every stay at home mom and especially every homeschool mom needs an Alice!  My mom was more Alice than my dad, but this picture proves that he can be an Alice too!)

My dad helped clear the weeds out of the sand box foundation for our pool, enabling us to set it up a bit earlier than we usually do.  Win-win!

 And they treated us to lunch at Costco. :-)

Another one of their purposes in coming when they did was to be here for son L's 13th birthday... that made him feel so special!

G and G, celebrating at L's restaurant of choice.

More "Alice."

Two different mornings they made a huge waffle and bacon breakfast for us.  My children are now spoiled and want me to do this every day.  Thanks, mom and dad. ;-)

My parents are among my chiefest cheerleaders and prayer warriors.  I am truly blessed.  May I be to my adult children someday what my parents are to me!

We took them to a Memorial Day parade.  None of us really wanted to get up at 7:00 a.m. on a holiday, but it was totally worth it.

Hair play!  Grandma was a very good sport.

Pool play!

Grandpa and his youngest grandchild.  I love this!

Saying good-bye.  So hard.

Thank you so much for coming, mom and dad!  You are a blessing from the Lord.  Praying God gives you strength and wisdom as you continue to be a blessing to all those God brings into your sphere of influence.  I love you!

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