Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Week in Review

Rather than tell you what we learned and what we did in school this past week, I'm going to tell you what I LOVED.

I LOVED doing IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) with Little Man.  He has heard his older siblings learn to write with this program for years and years, and now he is finally doing it for himself.  HE IS EXCITED!  And when any of my kids get excited about something related to school it just makes my heart sing.

Singing hearts are good. :)

He learned how to combine two sentences using the who/which clause, and all week he walked around the house randomly combining sentences with the who/which clause.  He feels smart and capable and stretched (in a good way) and that just makes me happy.

As I have mentioned before, he also LOVES grammar.   The cool thing is, we are no longer doing preposition bingo using chocolate chips, and he STILL loves it!  He will be looking at his grammar page, busily hunting down prepositional phrases to cross out, and subjects and verbs to underline, and he will look up at me and say, "This is so fun!"

Some of the older children are not so thrilled with school, and they let me know on a regular basis.  Some of that is normal, and some of that is character development.  But what a delight to have one who at this moment is totally and completely in love with the third grade.

Thank you, God.

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votemom said...

what a happy post. and he looked so adorable at church yesterday with his fresh haircut!