Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk 'n Treat

We had a very successful trunk 'n treat at our church yesterday!  So thankful for the mild temps, no rain, and very little wind.  Each of our older children's small groups hosted a trunk, and daughter G was tasked with making the decorations for her trunk's theme ~ Candyland!

She and daughter H also agreed to be princesses so that little girls could have their picture taken with a princess (there was a whole organized set up for this!).  They both looked so lovely and handled themselves just wonderfully with the children.

Here are all the princesses together.

Little Man as "lego man."  He and I got to just walk around and trunk and treat!

Son L with his small group guys doing a tailgater theme for their trunk.

Son C (green face) and his small group did a toy story theme.  He was a toy soldier in case you can't tell. ;)

Some of the trunks were pretty funny!

One of my dear friends.  A single lady, doing what she can to bless others!

Daughter G's small group ended up spreading Candyland over four different trunks.  She has such a great group of girl friends in this group!

We had lots and lots of people from the community come through.  What a great time we had, introducing our community to our church and having fun at the same time!

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