Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday's Thankful Things AND Our Week in Review!

They are one and the same this week.  I'm thankful we made it through another week of school! ;)

Seriously, I am thankful for each one of these people and each one of these subjects, and each and every day that God's grace is revealed to us and lived out in us.  He is so very faithful.

We have been having AMAZING fall weather.  Just amazing.  Warm in the daytime, cool at night.  Just perfect.  I love fall!

As I said last week, I am thankful for Little Man's love of writing and grammar this year.  It warms the cockles of my heart every time I see him so diligently and happily working.  He wrote his second story (paragraph) today, putting in TWO dress-ups!  I will share the whole thing later.

I am thankful for the high school English class I am teaching at our co-op.  I can't even tell you how much I love this class, and the high schoolers in it.  This past week we finished reading, discussing, and writing about our first book, Beauty, and have just started reading our second book, To Kill a Mockingbird, which is a book every highschooler should read! 

I am thankful for this guy.... and his dog. :)

And thankful for this studiously working on her difficult physics homework.

I am thankful for the school routine we have finally, mostly found.  It's not the routine I had planned, nor the one I had wanted, but it is the one God has brought because it works for us right now.  He is good.

I am thankful for the wonderful three hours I got to spend this week with my dear friend, Sally!

I am thankful for consistently getting 7 hours of sleep at night.

I am thankful for a week off history and a week off co-op (lining up on the same week!  Who'd have thought that could happen??!), to get caught up on other subjects.

I am thankful for son L sharing his heart with me this week.

I am thankful for a good counseling session with daughter H.

I am thankful for our new savings account, opened at a separate bank from our checking account, without an ATM card and no online access.  (Not being facetious, really truly thankful for that!!)

I am thankful for God's tender mercies, new every morning.

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Teacher/Mom said...

These are great things to be thankful for! Thank you, Jesus, for gifting my friend with all of these wonderful blessings!