Sunday, March 9, 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 8 - Favorite Object

Okay, this is kindof a stupid one, because my very favorite objects are my Bible and my wedding ring, but those are rather obvious.  And of course even more important than that are the PEOPLE in my life, but they are not "objects", so....

I will do as my friend votemom did and just pick a thing that I like.  Actually two things.

This first picture is our computer desk.  It looks pretty messy right now because our desktop computer died and my husband is in the process of trying to fix/move files to other devices/check the damage, etc...  But this is literally an old library table, as in, it used to be in a library.  I am not sure how my grandparents acquired it (mom or dad, explanation please?), but my dad's parents had it in their home and I am told that my dad used to lay his little toddler body on the thin line of shelf that is at knee level (you can see it just see below the drawer).  By the time I was a young girl it was in my own parents' home.  People I love have done paperwork at this desk for years.  They have read their Bible, agonized and prayed over family problems, paid bills, done homework.  This desk is full of the history of my family.  I love that it is my family's turn to do life on and around this desk.  If only it could talk!

This china cabinet and hutch (we refer to it as simply "the hutch") belonged to my other grandparents, my mom's parents.  It was organized much better when my grandma had it (!) and displayed many of my grandma's pretties.  When I was in high school my grandparents moved from out of state to our town, and we got to see them much more often.  I can remember so many Sunday dinners in my grandparents' dining room, with this hutch looking on.  It just takes me right back to those days.... my Grandma's quiet grace and wisdom, my Grandpa's deep knowledge of the Bible, and sometimes fiery opinions.  So many prayers have been said in the presence of this hutch.  So many family celebrations.  Again, it is full of the history of my family. 

I know these are just things.  Just pieces of furniture.  But they are special to me because they remind me where I came from.  They remind me of my roots.  When I look at the library table and the hutch I am filled with gratitude for those who came before me, who lived faithful lives of service to the Lord. 

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Teacher/Mom said...

I, too, have my grandmother's hutch. It brings back memories all the time. They just don't make things like they used to.