Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 Vacation, Part 2 ~ Camping and Creation Museum!

It was a tight squeeze, but we fit everything in for a week of camping!

My husband had the brilliant idea to use pool floaties for double duty....floaties by day and air mattresses by night.  They were less than a dollar each, so we could afford some extras in case of breakage. ;)

There was a gaggle of girls at the campground swimming pool who were quite literally oohing and ahhing over our teen boys.  **Sigh!**

Fortunately, our boys had eyes only for the pool, or their books!


Breakfast in the rain.

Dinner at Steak 'n Shake!  A good plan to eat out on a rainy day. :)

At the Creation Museum!!

After labor day weekend we almost literally had the entire campground to ourselves.  It was wonderfully relaxing to not fight the crowds.

On our drive home, we detoured to the city and the actual apartment where I was living at the time that my future husband and I finally saw one another again after two years of letter writing and falling in love through the mail.  The lower apartment behind us was the scene of his declaration of love, the place where we first spoke of marriage, and the scene of our first kiss!

Thank you, Lord, for family and making precious memories with them.

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