Saturday, October 25, 2014

Little Man

In the English class I teach at our home school co-op, we have been studying poetry.  Each of the students have had to write some short original poems (or long, as the case may be!) and I did it too.  Here is one that has been circulating in my heart for awhile and finally found it's way on to paper.  Any of my students could analyze this!  (and they have!)

Soft, smooth cheek
Quiet in sleep.
Scents mingled
Soap, sweat, and boy
lingering on still damp hair.

Breaths, even and deep
whisper a steady rhythm in his sleep.
Hidden dreams viewed
behind closed eyes.

My heart swells
as I gaze at my Little Man.
Growing so fast
yet still a boy.
Bridging the gap
between toddler and teen
as he sleeps.

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